The Highlander’s Folly

Highlander's Folly
Highlander’s Folly

A brave fifteenth-century Highlander fiercely devoted to his foster family, Hunter of clan MacKintosh can defeat any man in battle. Thanks to his fae gifts, he can read the intent of his opponents and guess their next moves. But when the faerie Madame Giselle sends Hunter to the present day, he stumbles into a staged battle and rescues a young knight—only to discover that the knight is a woman, and she’s anything but a damsel in distress.

Meghan McGladrey learned martial arts and sword fighting from her father, a time-traveling Highlander himself. To Hunter’s surprise, Meghan is as skilled as any knight. When both of them are pulled back to the fifteenth century, Meghan becomes desperate to return to her time. Hunter, who is pledged to another, begins to fall for the beautiful, brave warrior as they fight side by side against a common enemy. Now, he must decide which matters more: his honor, or following his heart.


The Highlander’s Bargain

The Highlander's Bargain
The Highlander’s Bargain

Before he can settle down, blond-haired, blue-eyed Robley of clan MacKintosh needs to taste true adventure. So when the faerie Madame Giselle asks him to retrieve her stolen property in exchange for two enchanted tokens that will whisk him across the centuries, he jumps at the chance.

Nurse and future midwife Erin Durie is broke and alone, thanks to a roommate who skipped town and the psychic gifts that make relationships too intense and painful to bear. Then a kilted man magically drops into her arms, looking for a guide to the twenty-first century, and she can’t deny the attraction. But magical treachery soon throws open time’s portal once more—and puts a blade to Robley’s throat. Now Erin must decide where—or when—her healing powers can do the most good . . . and whether she can live without her handsome Highlander.

In the second thrilling Novel of Loch Moigh, award-winning author Barbara Longley delivers more of the action, adventure, and romance that began in the pulse-pounding True to the Highlander.

True to the Highlander

True to the Highlander
True to the Highlander

Native American violinist Alethia Goodsky had plans for her future, and they didn’t include time travel, hocus-pocus good luck charms, or heroic deeds. And she certainly never intended to lose her heart to a fifteenth century Scottish warrior or an orphaned boy unable to hear her music.

A life hangs in the balance, and only Alethia can tip the scale. This is all the supernatural being posing as a Renaissance festival fortuneteller reveals before transporting Alethia back in time to the Highlands of Scotland. Alethia must unravel the mystery before it’s too late if she’s to return home. She throws herself into the task only to have her efforts thwarted by her overbearing, self-appointed protector—Malcolm of clan MacKintosh.

It is 1423AD, the year before Scotland’s King James is ransomed from the British to take his rightful place upon the throne. The Highland clans are at each other’s throats, and all of Scotland suffers under the ruthless reign of their regent, the duke of Albany. Treachery and intrigue rule the day, and all Malcolm wants is peace. Finding a gently bred woman alone on MacKintosh land can only mean more trouble. When the exotic foreigner reveals her strange tale, Malcolm believes she was placed in his path to warn him of coming danger. He cannot allow the willful beauty to put herself in harm’s way for his sake. Malcolm is determined to keep Alethia safe and by his side—if only she’d let him.

Surrounded by enemies, with the mystery still unsolved, passion grows between Malcolm and Alethia until her heart is torn. Should she follow the dictates of reason and find a way home, leaving Malcolm and the young boy she’s adopted behind, or should she listen to her heart and remain true to the Highlander?

Far From Perfect

Far from Perfect
Far from Perfect

Noah Langford narrowly survived the roadside bombing in Iraq that killed five of his men and took his leg, leaving him haunted by flashbacks and riddled with guilt. When his stepbrother Matt dies in a car accident, the loss feels like the final blow to Noah’s shattered soul. But then he learns about the girlfriend and baby Matt abandoned years earlier, and suddenly Noah has a new mission…

Ceejay Lovejoy was nineteen and pregnant when her boyfriend walked out, disappearing from her life just like her parents did. Since that day, Ceejay has devoted herself to giving her daughter a better life, avoiding any man who could threaten that security—until the day Noah Langford shows up on her doorstep. His gentle spirit has an unexpected effect on Ceejay’s guarded heart, tempting her to take one last chance on love. But when a painful secret comes to light, it threatens to break the fragile bond growing between them…and to destroy a love powerful enough to heal them both.

~FAR FROM PERFECT~ “This is a tender, touching and wonderful depiction of a tortured hero struggling to free himself of the past and a woman struggling to believe she’s worth sticking around for.” ~NYT Bestselling author Connie Brockway
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The Difference a Day Makes

The Difference a Day Makes
Book 2: A Love from the Heartland, Perfect, Indiana

Ryan Malloy has lost it all. After his fiancée dies in a tragic accident, he enlists in the army, only to lose his best friend in a roadside bombing. Wracked with guilt and grief, Ryan finds life unbearable—until a job offer from his former commander gives him a glimmer of hope. And in the tiny town of Perfect, Indiana, the man who thought he had nothing left to live for meets the only woman who can tempt him into risking his battered heart one last time…

Paige Langford has it all: wealth, beauty, and ambition. But when her boyfriend’s betrayal leads to the loss of her job and her reputation, she retreats to her brother’s rural Indiana home to regroup. There she meets Ryan Malloy, a gruff, hard-drinking loner whose surly temper can’t hide the haunted misery in his eyes. He is everything Paige never wanted, yet he may be exactly what she needs—if only they can overcome their personal demons to forge a love strong enough to save them both.

“In this tender, emotional addition to the Love from the Heartland trilogy, Longley tackles the issue of veterans struggling to reintegrate into society …The settings and the characters are described with such enthusiasm, it’s obvious the author spent many hours trying to capture their essence entirely.”
RT Book Reviews ★★★★

“War trauma and Ryan’s fiancée’s death have left him emotionally wounded, but the support of Paige and his work begin to break through his defenses. Ryan and Paige’s individual conflicts are well realized, and Ryan’s guilt and grief are surprisingly intense…” PW

“…Longley successfully attacks issues associated with returning veterans as well as those commonly associated with finding oneself as an adult and recognizing true love. Neither Ryan nor Paige can truly be there for the other until both dispel their demons and become whole.”
— Pat Henshaw/Booklist

A Change of Heart

A Change of Heart
A Change of Heart

Cory Marcel worked tirelessly over eight grueling years to develop a successful military career. After her commanding officer violently assaulted her, she lost everything—especially her trust in people. Despite the emotional damage threatening to sink her, Cory agrees to accept a new job at a furniture store in Perfect—a job that could offer the fragile brunette the chance to start over.

Ted Lovejoy cofounded Langford & Lovejoy Heritage Furniture, but lately he feels like an outsider in his own business. When he meets Cory, Ted realizes his company can do more than just build furniture—it can also help rebuild lives. He longs to help Cory recover from her pain, yet every time he gets too close to her heart, she pushes him away.

While Cory can’t resist her attraction to Ted, she fears the demons haunting her will drag down both of them. Could this kind, soft-spoken man help her finally bury the past…and unlock a future full of hope and happiness?

The Twisted Road to You

The Twisted Road to You
The Twisted Road to You


Struggling with both PTSD and the trauma of his ex-wife’s infidelity, retired Marine Wesley Holt seeks a simple civilian life. His favorite waitress at the Perfect Diner secretly stirs his heart. Yet Wes—scarred by betrayal and racked by guilt over his fallen comrades in Afghanistan—stays quiet, convinced he can never love again…or be loved.

Waitress and single mother Carlie Stewart hides fear behind her smile. Her ex-husband has escaped from prison and wants their son—and revenge. When the fugitive arrives to wreak havoc, Wes insists Carlie and her son stay with him for protection. Finally daring to let her guard down, Carlie divulges her dark past to Wes, and to her surprise, Wes appreciates her strengths and longs to trust her with his tattered heart. The safer they feel with each other, the more trust and passion grow. But can they overcome the demons in their pasts—and the heartbreak they’ve carried into the present—to build a lasting future together?

Heart of the Druid Laird

Heart of the Druid Laird
Heart of the Druid Laird

Cursed with immortality, Dermot MacKay craves death. To lift the faerie curse placed upon him and his men over 1600 years ago, he must return the soul of his reincarnated wife to the exact place and time of her murder. But her soul is currently residing in the very modern Sidney St. George – and first he has to convince her to accompany him to Scotland.

Sidney doesn’t believe Dermot’s wild claims of immortality and rebirth. Yet she cannot deny that she is drawn to the sexy Scot. Nor can she explain the sense of déjà vu his touch elicits. Desperate for answers, she agrees to go with him – only to learn too late that to help the man she loves is to lose him forever…

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Here is what reviewers are saying about Barbara Longley’s debut novel:

The Literary Mind Blender – “All together this is a great romance novel, a touching love story and should be read by all who enjoy the genre.” NEED IT!

You Gotta Read Reviews – “…the premise and storyline were superbly crafted and held my attention with a myriad of twists and turns.” You Want To Read!

Red Hot Books – ✭✭✭✭✩

BookLoons – “…excellent, a magical tale that takes you on a journey like no other. You feel every emotions imaginable!”

Nocturne Romance Reads (Top Pick!)- ✭✭✭✭✭ ”This book has everything…soul-mates, a love that lasts several lifetimes, and super sexy Scottish men! A definite must read.”

Judge a Book by its Pages – 4.5 Faeries (Fantastic!)

GoodReads average rating 4.16 out of 5 stars!


Cynthia Shatzer

I have loved your “Perfect Indiana” books and can not wait for the next one. The quick read at the end of book two really was a Perfect teaser! [Strumming my fingers, waiting impatiently for more!]
Thank you!!

art stephens

can you give me any info on the book,title like summer rain as I can’t locate this book


The title was changed to THE DIFFERENCE A DAY MAKES, and it’s available now through amazon, Barnes & Noble, Powells, Books a Million, and a few other independent book stores. It’s cheapest through amazon. Thanks for writing.


Will there be a book 4 to “Perfect Indiana”?

Barbara Gades

Really enjoyed the 2 highlander books. Is there going to be a sequel to show if Aine has learned to be compassionate?


I’m assuming you’re referring to Aine’s nefarious deeds in HEART OF THE DRUID LAIRD? Originally, that was meant to be the first in a 3 book series, but I left Carina Press and am now writing for Montlake. Perhaps after my current contracts are up I’ll return to that series and finish it, but I won’t tell you if Aine redeems herself or not. :0)


I loved The Highlanders Folly, the characters were engaging and enchanting and was really hoping to read Teiran’s story…any chance we may catch up with him one day soon?


I hope so. Right now I’m writing Sky Elizabeth’s story. If my publisher will allow me to continue, Tieren’s story will follow. Sky Elizabeth disappears, and because Hunter is now a baron with a family and responsibilities, Tieren volunteers to go after Sky with the aid of Madame Giselle, of course, but he’s not a part of Sky’s story. He has his own, falling in love with a purple-haired, part fae woman in the 21st century.


And thanks for taking the time to write a comment, Nicole!


Wonderful!! I look forward to the next book :) I am just happy to know that there is more to come from this land of Scottish Highlanders!


They are fun to write, Nicole! Thanks for commenting again. :)

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