His Heart’s Melody

Star Launch #2
April 2, 2024

Available in: e-Book

His Heart’s Melody

Winning Star Launch had been both a blessing and a bane for Melody Fairchild. She saved her family’s horse farm, but her love life is a shambles. The men she’s dated are more interested in her fortune and celebrity status than in her. Even worse, an obsessed stalker won’t leave her alone and has already tried to kidnap her once. Booking a two-month stay at a remote resort in northern Minnesota, Melody seeks peace and anonymity until her stalker is behind bars. What she hadn’t counted on was an immediate attraction to the resort owner’s son.

U.S. Coast Guard pilot Nicholas Grant is home on bereavement leave after his father’s death. Nick discovers the family’s resort is close to foreclosure, and it’s up to him to find a solution. Nick’s sister recognizes the pop star staying at their resort and shares a tabloid scandal about her, and Nick insists they respect her privacy. Despite his grief and the financial strain, he can’t help but feel drawn to Melody. She’s nothing like the spoiled celebrity portrayed by the tabloids.

Passion grows between Nick and Melody, but her stalker shows up with murder on his mind. When Melody discovers tabloid pictures taken at the resort led the stalker to her, she’s devastated. Did Nick and his family betray her? Who else could’ve taken the pictures? Even if she escapes her stalker’s clutches, can she trust the man who stole her heart?

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