Historical Romance

Close To Perfect

The much anticipated prequel to the award winning Love from the Heartland, Perfect, Indiana series

She gave her promise to one man, and her heart to another, and now that her past has caught up with her, she must choose between her word of honor, and her heart’s desire.


After losing everything during the Civil War, Mary Stewart is haunted by tragedy and loss. She longs to leave Atlanta behind. Her fiancé—who was bound for Houston, Texas—has left her without a word for months, and she fears the worst. When she learns of Tobias Lovejoy’s plans to lead a wagon train to Texas, she’s determined to join him. She’ll either find her fiancé, or she’ll discover what became of him. Until then, she cannot move on with her life.


Tobias Lovejoy barely survived the war. He longs for a fresh start in a place that holds no memories for him. Only then can he be free of the visions and the ghosts haunting him. When Mary Stewart asks to join his wagon train, he refuses, until he learns of her missing fiancé, and he relents. As he comes to know Mary better, his desire to discover what became of her missing fiancé grows as strong as hers—for entirely different reasons. Tobias wants Mary for himself.  During their arduous journey, Tobias and Mary learn to lean on each other through one disaster after another and passion ignites.


When Mary’s fiancé reappears, expecting to resume where he and Mary left off, the future happiness of three people hangs in the balance. Mary gave her word to one man and her heart to another. Now she must choose between her honor, her heart’s desire, or walking away.